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Vote for the incarnation of inner beauty and brains, strength and compassion, for one who sees beauty everywhere and anywhere! A green panther, so filled with love for all creation, typical of Arab generosity, seeing “Earth as her homeland and humanity as her citizenship”.
A Marketing project manager, Producer, MBA/BA holder with high honors, Translator, quadrilingual + (native-like fluency in all major Arabic dialects) & more. Vote for Marwa!

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Miss Arab People's Choice Contest! Also known as “The Public Vote”. You can guarantee one of the contestants a spot in the top 5 finalists & the title of MISS ARAB PEOPLE'S CHOICE! This contest is a charitable fundraiser to support the Miss Arab humanitarian work. Winning the title of “People's Choice” is different from winning the title of MISS ARAB.

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Marwa Lahlou

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